Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion. – Brian Chesky, CEO of AirBnB

This quote from Brian Chesky embodies exactly what agents at any stage of their real estate careers should search for in a brokerage. Being passionate about real estate is only the first part of the equation - you need to find a brokerage that takes that passion and embodies it as a company and group of agents working there.

At Coldwell Banker Premier, we pride ourselves on a culture driven by hard work, dedication to premium customer service, and supporting our local communities. As agents, it is our passion to provide clients the best service possible and be there through the entire transaction process, but we must also remember the pivotal role the community provides in allowing us to do that work.

Locally, our four branches of Coldwell Banker Premier organize and support a wide array of events that help give back to our communities. From our Annual Hunger Games Food Drive to the Homes for Dogs Pet Adoption Event, the Coldwell Banker Premier brand stands with our local communities.

To see more about the culture of Coldwell Banker Premier, check us out on Facebook and LinkedIn or view the videos below:


Coldwell Banker Premier knows real estate because we offer four offices spread across all of Sussex County.

To the north is our Milford Office, which is located on DuPont Highway.

In the south-western part of the county is our Seaford Office, situated on Sussex Highway.

Along the coast are the Lewes and Rehoboth Beach Offices, which are located on Kings Highway and Coastal Highway respectively.

How does this benefit you as an agent? Simple - it means that no matter which office you choose for your primary office, you have a place to meet with clients nearby. Just call ahead, and the conference room can be ready for you upon arrival.

Training & Support

At Coldwell Banker Premier, we understand that the success and recognition of our company starts with our agents. That is why we offer a variety of training and support options to our agents, including:

  • All seven Delaware Real Estate Commission-required Continuing Education modules offered in-house at no cost to the agents
  • Exclusive Propel Training Course, designed to prepare new agents for their careers and is the ONLY training in Delaware that satisfies New Salesperson Modules 2 - 4 for Continuing Education
  • Tuition reimbursement for pursuing and earning a designation from approved courses
  • Local and corporate workshops provided through the branch offices or through Coldwell Banker University
  • Broker support seven days a week, and the option for new agents to enter into a mentorship program to train with one of our experienced agents

Services & Departments

As a full-service company, we strive to have agents who specialize in all aspects of real estate. This covers any client looking to purchase or sell real estate and investment buyers looking to boost their passive income, to commercial agents who work with businesses to find their perfect space and landlords searching for tenants or tenants in need of a rental to lease a rental and beyond.

The agents who work with Coldwell Banker Premier are hard-working, knowledgeable, and honest individuals who support their clients regardless of their real estate needs using the best products and services available to provide premium customer service. This is why 99.1% of our clients recommend us to family and friends.

Sales Department

Sales agents work with clients looking to purchase or sell real estate. Using the MLS and other Exclusive Coldwell Banker Brand Tools, these agents listen to clients and help guide them to the best property for their wants and needs.

Rental Department

Rental agents are licensed agents dedicated exclusively to short- and long-term rentals. These agents specialize in marketing investment properties on behalf of landlords to maximize their rental income, but also with tenants looking to rent for a week or longer in Kent and Sussex Counties.

The rental department is also a phenomenal resource for any Sales Agent working with an investment buyer, as they can provide insights to a home’s income-generating potential.

Commercial Department

Commercial agents work closely with individuals or businesses in search of a commercial space where they can conduct their day-to-day business operations. These agents help their commercial clients with both sales and leases of commercial spaces.

Relocation Services

Relocation Services assist in managing a clients' relocation needs, whether moving to our area, or away from it. As part of the Realogy Advantage Network, we work with within a broader network of offices to help oversee military and corporate relocations, as well as residential.

Receptionists and Administrative Staff

Receptionists and Administrative Staff are the first people to greet guests as they enter our offices, and are always available to assist our clients and customers with excellent customer service. When not greeting visitors, they support the agents by directing phone calls and messages, scheduling appointments, and more to ensure the Coldwell Banker Premier experience is top-notch from start to finish.

Accounting Department
The accounting department processes all commissions and deposits from Monday to Friday, ensuring most commissions are paid same or next day. Both the Sales Department and Rental Department have their own dedicated accountants, who are highly trained professionals dedicated to client and agent service while contributing to the overall growth of Coldwell Banker Premier.

CBRR Brand Tools

To build a successful career in real estate, agents need access to resources to supplement their business. As an agent with Coldwell Banker Premier, you will have exclusive access to many tools, including, but not limited to:

My CB Desk – The agent resource for all things Coldwell Banker, and gateway to all other CB Exclusive Technology.
Zap Customer Relationship Management – A leading customer relationship system that includes a confidence score tracker for all your clients, giving you predictive information on who is likely to make their next purchase, as well as your own personal website through the platform.
LeadRouter – Never miss out on the chance to get a lead, as this delivery service converts a lead to a voice message sent directly to an agent’s cell phone which allows for immediate agent follow-up.
CBX Listing Experience – Exclusive to Coldwell Banker agents, this website and app leverage big data and technology to help sellers determine the best price for their home, then strategically target markets likely to produce their ideal buyer.
CBX Buyer Locator – This program uses technology to find clients and convert them to buyers, giving Coldwell Agents a competitive advantage in the market.
Coldwell Banker University – The education branch of Coldwell Banker, CB University develops and delivers action-based programs in conjunction with high-performing sales agents and managers that assist agents in delivering exceptional customer experience while cultivating and maintaining an increased level of productivity; These classes are available in a variety of learning options, from courses at your own pace to live Zoom lessons, so you can find one that best suits your learning style.
BrandSRV - Access all the current Coldwell Banker corporate marketing tactics, campaigns and brand assets which you can easily customize, download, and distribute.
Social Ad Engine - Leverage the power of social media by driving traffic, boosting awareness, or tracking leads for your listings; This easy to use tool helps you quickly create a social media ad using your listing information and three photos of the property, then optimizes the ad based on which image is performing best in relation to your budget and ad duration.
Exclusive Look - Browse listings for available properties or what buyers are looking for, posted exclusively by agents in the Coldwell Banker network, plus share sneak peeks with other Coldwell Banker agents of listings coming soon.
CBx + Moxi Present - Design presentations for your clients using this interactive platform's tailored marketing templates that range from CMAs for buyers and sellers, to tour itineraries for buyers going out for a day of showings
Xpressdocs - A Coldwell Banker agent's one stop shop for any printed materials; Simply choose what marketing material best suits your current goal or needs, customize and order
SPARK - Exclusive network dedicated to assisting Coldwell Banker agents in their personal and professional lives; As a Coldwell Banker Agent, SPARK would provide you access to insurance programs, retirement accounts, discounts on your continuing education, and more to help you excel in and out of your career.
Global Luxury Program – Coldwell Banker’s Luxury Home Division, designed specifically to reach the luxury segment of the real estate market, with an average sale in this program being around $1.9 million; This exclusive designation is available only to the top Coldwell Banker agents who have undergone extensive training, thus providing access to luxuriously designed signage, 3D home tours, top of the line print advertising, and the highest quality photography.

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