4 Delaware Locations

Since 1979, Coldwell Banker Premier has been a locally owned and operated brokerage in the Sussex County real estate industry. With four offices strategically located around the county, our agents create a powerful force with extensive knowledge and experience of real estate in Southern and Central Delaware, and Maryland.

Our History

Founding and Early Years

On July 1, 1979, Coldwell Banker Premier opened its doors as Rehoboth Realty on Rehoboth Avenue Extended, offering a full complement of real estate services from sales and rentals to appraisals. Early success garnered expansion, with a branch office opening on Rehoboth Avenue in downtown Rehoboth in October 1981 and a second branch office opening in the Fall of 1982 in Bethany Beach.

In October 1983, Rehoboth Realty officially became a franchisee of Coldwell Banker Residential Affiliates, changing its name to Coldwell Banker Rehoboth Resort Realty. Now under the Coldwell Banker franchise umbrella, the company moved its headquarters and sales division to Rehoboth Avenue, while the office at Rehoboth Avenue Extended continued to operate as the rental division.

Growth and Expansion

Operating as Coldwell Banker Rehoboth Resort Realty, the company experienced continued growth, which meant it was time once again to expand. In December 1986, the company acquired Ryan Real Estate, and also opened a Dewey Beach branch office. The following year, in September of 1987, the office on Rehoboth Avenue was sold, allowing Coldwell Banker Rehoboth Resort Realty to consolidate all operations once again under one roof. This new office was located in the Gateway Professional Center, which is where the current headquarters now sits on Coastal Highway in Rehoboth Beach.

From 1987 to 2013, five more acquisitions were made that allowed Coldwell Banker Resort Realty to transform into the company it is today:

  • May 1991: Plummer and Co. of Lewes was acquired, allowing the creation of the Lewes Branch.
  • August 2002: The rental department doubled in size when the rental department from Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage was acquired. The sales and commercial divisions followed in November 2008.
  • September 2011: Seaford was first introduced to the Coldwell Banker Resort Realty brand when the Ramey Franchise of Century 21 was acquired, leading to a unique positioning for the company as being able to serve all of Sussex County.
  • November 2013: First Class Properties of Milford was acquired. Located in Kent County, this acquisition positioned Coldwell Banker Premier to serve all of central and southern Delaware.
Recent History: Sustained Success

In January 2022, it was announced Coldwell Banker Resort Realty would be merging with Coldwell Banker Premier, headquartered in Winchester, Virginia. This strategic partnership allows both brokerages to grow in ways neither was able to achieve prior. The merger positions one regional powerhouse brokerage on both sides of the Chesapeake Bay, providing agents and clients alike opportunities to expand their business and exposure into a variety of new markets.

The merger with Coldwell Banker Premier finished in May of 2022, with the Delaware offices adopting that new name. Since then all four of the Delaware Branch offices have continued to find success in all parts of the real estate industry. This has allowed Coldwell Banker Premier to be a trusted, local authority in the Delaware market, while maintaining the four offices, located at:

Rehoboth Branch and Regional Headquarters – 20184 Coastal Highway

Lewes Branch – 800 Kings Highway

Milford Branch – 711 N. Dupont Boulevard

Seaford Branch – 22350 Sussex Highway

By sustaining these four offices, Coldwell Banker Premier is able to drive growth and maintain the premium customer service experience Delaware has come to expect. These four locations also afford Coldwell Banker Premier the ability to give back to the communities in which they operate, and thank them for being an integral part of their success since their founding.


Pillar Values

At Coldwell Banker Premier, we believe in success for our agents and clients alike, and set forth a clear philosophy for how to achieve that success. Since our founding, we have strived to provide a premium customer experience based on the following pillar values:

Pillar Values ResizedINTEGRITY

The most pivotal part in determining success or failure, we feel that all actions must be done with honesty, and every word spoken truthfully. After all, if you have to ask yourself if it is right to do something, then it probably isn’t.


Excellent service is a must – and our clients and customers have every right to expect only excellence from our agents.


Each agent and employee is expected to come in and give their best effort. If they do not give the best, then success will never be earned.


If you do not have the knowledge or training required to complete a project from a client or customer, you shouldn’t take it on. This is why Coldwell Banker Premier supplies agents with access to continuing education resources, the latest technology, and a network of other agents to make sure they can successfully complete the task given to them.


When a team works together and shares a common goal, the successes are multiplied. In Real Estate, cooperation among agents is especially important, and we ask our agents to go make sure they are helping each other whenever possible to foster harmony, prosperity, and success.


Once achieved, success is important to sustain, but complacency kills success. As a company, we are constantly seeking out new products, tools, and ideas that will make Coldwell Banker Premier as a whole more successful, but also aid our agents in bringing that success to their clients and customers.